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Legends Luxury Auto Repair has been providing honest and reliable automotive service since 2013.

With over 380 5-Star online reviews, trust our team of ASE Advanced Master Certified, GM Master Certified, and XLR Master Certified mechanics to troubleshoot and fix any Cadillac mechanical, electrical, or computer issues at 40 to 50% below dealership pricing.

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Legend’s History with Cadillac

Legends Luxury Auto Repair was born from a passion for the Cadillac brand. Owner and lead tech, Danny Smith, worked at a Cadillac dealership for over 25 years before opening up Legends.

Now, after over 15 years of top notch service, Legends is recognized as one of the best Cadillac repair and performance-upgrade shops in the nation.

Excerpt from an interview with Danny Smith featured on

“I got a scholarship from the Cadillac dealership to the GM ASEP program because of my skills in auto repair. I worked for that same Cadillac dealership for over 25 years. It was always my dream to own my own shop so I left the dealership to fulfill this dream and Legends Luxury Auto Repair was born. We’ve been open since 2013 earning our first dollar on June 13, 2013.”

(Read full article, “Meet Danny Smith of Legends Luxury Auto Repair in Tempe“)

An early Cadillac ad from 1921:

Cadillac ad from 1921 from Wikipedia
In 1915, Cadillac introduced a 90-degree flathead V8 engine that put out 70 horsepower at 2400 rpm and 180 pounds of torque. This was revolutionalry back then giving these Cadis the power to attain 65 miles per hour. Cadillac pioneered the dual-plane V8 crankshaft in 1918, and In 1928, Cadillac introduced the first clashless Synchro-Mesh manual transmission. In 1930 Cadillac implemented the first V-16 engine, with a 45-degree overhead valve, 452 cubic inches creating 165 horsepower. This was one of the most powerful and quietest engines in the US back then. The development and introduction of the V8, V16 and V-12 helped to make Cadillac the "Standard of the World".

(Image and information source:

Legends’ Services & Repairs

(View our  vehicle maintenance services pricing).

  • Air conditioning service & repair
  • Body & trim repairs (mirrors, door handles, locks)
  • Brake repair
  • Chassis & suspension
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Cooling system service & repair
  • Custom exhaust
  • Electrical system diagnosis & repair
  • Exhaust systems & mufflers
  • Fleet services
  • Recommended maintenance
  • Power accessory repair
  • Power steering repair
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Shocks & struts
  • Suspension & steering repair

Cadillacs Models We Maintain, Service, and Repair

If Cadillac makes it, we service it: coupes, sedans, crossovers and SUVs, and even the Cadillac V-Series.

  • ATS Coupe
  • ATS Sedan
  • ATS-V Coupe
  • ATS-V Sedan
  • CT6 Sedan
  • XLR
  • XLR-V
  • STS
  • STS-V
  • Allante
  • CTS Sedan
  • CTS-V Sedan
  • Escalade & ESV
  • XT5 Crossover
  • XTS Sedan
  • Deville
  • DTS
  • El Dorado
  • Brougham
  • Classic Cadillacs

Legends Luxury Auto Repair Qualifications

Our team has 50 years of experience and top certifications, including:

  • ASE Advanced Certified Technicians
  • GM Master Certified
  • XLR Master Certified

For professional, friendly, and knowledgeable service, look no further than Legends Luxury Auto.

Common Cadillac Repairs

Standard maintenance for your Cadillac includes oil changes, tire rotations, brake service, and filter changes.

Cadillac recommends referring to your owner’s manual for specifics regarding routine maintenance, as needs differ per model and year. In general, the idea of needing an oil change every 3,000 miles is obsolete. Newer Cadillacs include a Change Oil Soon notification. When you see this, you need to get your oil changed as soon as possible, but definitely within 600 miles.

Tire rotation should occur every 6,000 miles. Regular tire rotation ensures even wear for maximum tire life. You also make it more likely all four tires need to be changed at the same time. Of course, if you notice uneven wear, you may always rotate your tires before the 7,500-mile mark. The tires should be inspected with the better tires put in front.

Many Cadillac drivers choose to have their oil changed and tires rotated during the same servicing for convenience. This is perfectly acceptable, so long as you respect the 7,500-mile recommendation for tire rotation. Another service Cadillac recommends every time you have your oil changed is a conductance test on your vehicle’s battery. This helps monitor battery status and reduce the likelihood of hearing the dreaded “click, click, click” when you go to start your car.

Your brakes indicate they need changing with that telltale squeal, part of the wear indicator that lets you know the brakes are almost worn out. When you hear it, replace your brakes as soon as possible, as the wear indicator typically creates that noise when your brake pads’ thickness reaches around 2 mm.

Popular Cadillac FAQs

Certified technicians receive training specific to General Motors vehicles, including parts and accessories, and undergo testing to prove their expertise and reliability.

This is a renewable fuel comprised of 85 percent ethanol (a U.S.-based corn product) and 15 percent gasoline. E85 Ethanol Flexible Fuel Vehicles (also known as FFV) run on gasoline, E85 ethanol, or some combination of the two fuels.

The engineers who designed your Cadillac also designed its accessories, making them the best choice for both functionality and reliability.

No, but you can order from the factory through an authorized Cadillac dealer.

This varies by model, year, and driving conditions. In addition to talking to your mechanic, you should check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s recommended service schedule.

Tire rotation is meant to guard against irregular tread wear, which occurs more quickly with new tires, when tread is its fullest.

Probably not, depending on your model and year. Again, check your owner’s manual to be sure.