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Legends Luxury Auto Repair provides auto AC repair services for any make and model of vehicles including Chevy, Ford, Cadillac, Corvette, Pontiac, Buick, Dodge, GM, GMC, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Hyundai, and Honda! Our car AC system repair prices are competitive and always around 40% less than dealership prices

We are all Arizona natives including our owner and mechanics so we understand the unique problems that come with extreme heat temperatures and desert climate.

We offer very reasonable rates and even further discounts to car clubs and fleet service. Looking for fleet service air conditioning services?
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Auto AC Repair Services Overview

With over 30 years experience and numerous industry certifications we are able to quickly troubleshoot and solve your AC problems with a guarantee on work so you know it will be done right the first time.


Some common (and not so common) ac issues we check for are:

  • Loss of refrigerant (Freon)

  • Low or excessive ac pressure

  • HVAC codes

  • Temperature actuators

  • Plugged heater cores

  • Coolant leaks

  • Belts

  • Compressors

  • Clutchs

  • Cooling fans

  • Relays

  • AC hoses, valves, and electronics

No made up or unnecessary repairs

If we find a loose connection. We tighten it. In most cases, no charge. We won’t exaggerate the severity or necessity of a repair. Integrity matters to us. We don’t quote for repairs you don’t need.

honest and reliable auto ac repairs and service
honest and reliable auto ac repairs and service

Regular AC Service Inspections

Of course we always recommend getting your AC System checked periodically. Our rates for this range from $30 to $100 depending on year, make and model, but our quotes are almost always less or even with our competitors. Our service and attention to detail can’t be matched though!

Freon Recharge Services

Did you know? It is important to be aware of the fact that auto AC systems, even the best ones, are not completely airtight. As a pressurized gas, refrigerant will naturally seek to find its way out of your system. While this is a slow process, if you have not recharged your refrigerant in some time you might be surprised at how low the level may be. If your ac is not blowing as cold as you know it should be this is most likely the cause.

Recharging Your System

In some cases, the cause of your auto AC problems can be repaired with a simple recharge of your components. We can help you to remove your old refrigerant and reinstall new product at the correct specifications.

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More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Refrigerants

It might be the case that you only need a change of refrigerant to improve the functioning of your auto AC system. To give you a bit of background as to where the refrigerant industry is at and what you need to consider when outfitting your car’s AC system, here is some information on the development of refrigerants over the past few decades.

The Old R12 Refrigerant

The R12 refrigerant was developed in 1935 and is commonly known as Freon. This type of refrigerant was banned from being produced due to its impact on the ozone layer. With the passing of the Montreal Protocol, the refrigeration and auto AC industries began to phase this refrigerant out and replace it with the safer R134 refrigerant.

The United States does not currently require car owners to retrofit their automobiles with more modern refrigerants. If you still rely on R12 refrigerant for your vehicle cooling needs and are having leaks or problems with the system, then perhaps it is time to upgrade your AC to use one of the more modern refrigerants below. While the R12 refrigerant can be found, as stocks of it still exist for sale, and installed by certified providers, this can be an expensive option in the short term.

The R134a Refrigerant

While it is also slowly being phased out of the auto AC industry, the R134a refrigerant is still being produced for those cars or trucks that rely on this formulation. This was originally developed as a response to environmental concerns about ozone layer depletion in the 1990s caused by the R12 refrigerant. However, it also has harmful properties that make it less desirable as a cooling solution.

If you have an auto AC system that uses R134a, you can still find suppliers to replace this refrigerant for your vehicle. Some attempts to ban this refrigerant have been passed in some jurisdictions and overturned in others. It has been banned in the European Union, for example. To be on the safe side and ensure that your luxury car is not harming the environment more than it should, you might consider the most recent development of auto AC refrigerant technology.

The New 1234YF Refrigerant

With increasing concern for the environment among car owners, many are making the shift towards more eco-friendly refrigerants in their AC systems. The latest development in this area is the 1234YF refrigerant. Replacing the R134 in many contemporary AC systems, R1234YF has similar cooling properties while having dramatically lower emissions that contribute to global warming. Compared to the R134 refrigerant, which takes thirteen years to break down in the atmosphere, the R1234YF refrigerant breaks down in only eleven days.

There is a lower potential for leaks with this form of refrigerant and these newer systems require less servicing over their life span. However, when servicing is required it is likely to be more expensive (to purchase and install replacement parts) than previous generation systems.

Since Legends Luxury Auto Repair is your auto AC repair solution provider in Scottsdale, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about refrigerants and can help you determine what type of AC system your car currently operates. We will also be happy to discuss options for replacing your older system with a more contemporary eco-friendly one.

Freon R134a

Freon R134a compared to R-1234yf

Newest Freon R-1234yf

Corvette & Cadillac AC Repair

Legends works on all years, makes and models of cars and trucks including ac repairs of all types. All automobile manufacturers have unique qualities specific to their brand and auto air conditioning is no exception. Cadillacs and Corvettes have unique problems when it comes to their air conditioning and here are some of the more common issues

Video 1 – 1972 Corvette AC Repair Intro

Video 2 – 1972 Corvette AC Repair Final

corvette and cadillac ac repair
corvette and cadillac ac repair tempe
corvette and cadillac ac repair scottsdale

Some Common Corvette AC Problems

Corvette AC temperature actuators are known to fail with age. This is common in C5s and C6s. An obvious sign that your Corvette actuator is bad is the auto ac system will default to high heat and blow full heat. Some years, makes, and models have the same actuator but most are different with unique part numbers

AC Compressors – With our extreme temperatures in Arizona this is a common problem with many vehicles but Corvettes in particular.

Lack of cooling due to road debris being picked up while driving and creating blockages (could cause overheating problems too). The Corvettes aerodynamics and low profile make them more susceptible to this issue. In most cases it’s a simple repair if caught soon enough. If not expect ac compressor failure and overheating.

Cabin air filters also known as pollen filters, are one of the most overlooked filters in all cars and trucks that have them. One that hasn’t been replaced in a long time will restrict the air flow to the ac system causing lack of cooling and in rare cases ice up evaporator core.

C6 Corvettes (came out in 2005) were the first model to have cabin air filters.

Some Common Cadillac AC Problems

Mode door issues are prevalent in some makes and models of Cadillacs like Escalades and Devilles. A mode door issue will be obvious because no air will blow out of the vents. It may blow out on defrost and feet vents.

Temperature actuators are another common Cadillac ac problem. When they go bad the ac system will default to full heat. Remember, there are two separate actuators, one on drivers side one on passenger, and they usually go bad one at a time. This make it easier diagnose that this is your Corvette AC issue because one side will blow cold and the other with the broken actuator will blow heat.

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